A Ferry Tale Come True

As with every good story, there has to be an adventure with challenges to thwart, frustrations to overcome, potential to believe in. We believed in Frazer Ferries Group.
When a company works on a project for 10 years then commits to a private investment of almost ten million Euros...

When a company has undertaken extensive market research and conquered feasibility studies and planning appeals...
that company looks for the same commitment and expertise from its branding and marketing partner.
We believed in Founding Managing Director Paul O’Sullivan and the plans Frazer Ferries Group had for Carlingford Lough.

That part of Rostrevor which overlooks
Carlingford Lough is my idea of Narnia.
— C.S. Lewis

Carlingford Lough holds stories of ancient high kings, modern day poets, saints, scholars, ramblers and fisherman.

With a 13th Century Medieval Castle on either side and a Leprechaun & Underground Fairy Cavern on one side.

Frazer Ferries Group embarked upon a very real adventure which involved slaying a few obstacles along the way.

Extensive customer research revealed less than 2% would object to a ferry link.

Fast Forward To...


The Scenic Carlingford Ferry takes just 15 minutes to cross the Lough (a lot less than the hour it takes to drive around from one side to the other).

1440 had just a few weeks to create a brand and marketing strategy. A strategy which would market so much more than just a ferry service. It was vital the public were on board, before they could even get, on board.

1440 had the experience to absorb this urgency of
bringing a fairy tale, to real life.
Ferry logo

The image to represent the ferry had to be recognisable. The shape of a map pin reflected the journey to a destination while its colours reflected that of the scenery and the waves of the Lough. Also reflecting the Celtic, Viking and Norman history of the Lough, a shield and map pin merge to provide an image which is both traditional and modern.

A distinctive, bespoke font was designed to be recognisable and included lines and angles to again reflect the Viking and Norman history of the Lough. The word Carlingford is emphasised in the font, because that is the true destination, the must see product, not the Ferry. The Scenic Carlingford Ferry was more than a way to travel.

1440 created a strong brand and an integrated marketing strategy which would establish the new ferry service on Carlingford Lough as a must do tourist destination and a daytrip suggestion.
...wants to travel on a ferry?

20 personas

1440 identified twenty different audience personas to which the Scenic Carlingford Ferry had to appeal.
Here are just a few.

Family day out


mountain bikers

Mountain Bikers




Hill Walkers

nature lovers

Outdoor Enthusiasts










Party People






45 minutes

off the journey time, the Ferry had to be viewed as a serious consideration for the Belfast to Dublin, or Dublin to Belfast corridor.
In fact, a serious consideration for those further afield, wishing to create a road trip, perhaps connecting the Mourne Coastal Trail in the Ancient Kingdom of Mourne to the Carlingford & Cooley Peninsula through the gateway to Ireland’s Ancient East.

1440 provided an equally strategic advertising plan which was creative
and visually striking. Along with a clear message and call to action to visit the website.

The Scenic Carlingford website is designed to hold the key information for customers: sailing times, tickets prices, and a simple one click strip for an update on sailing status along with all the fun and adventure to be enjoyed.

1440 designed the website to give the Ferry customers regular reasons to return, continually creating new content, worth making the website worth a visit, and therefore, the Ferry worth a visit.

Digital marketing played a crucial role and 1440 provided a strategic campaign to those living their lives online. Some would say they don’t use Facebook or “those other things”. That can be true but even those who dislike social media have an online footprint. They may bank or shop online. They may follow their favourite sports team or watch videos on YouTube. They might download a movie or favourite TV programme or even just tax their car or get directions.

1440 managed the Ferry facebook site on behalf of the client, but provided more than a list of stats about reach and didn’t just pat themselves on the back for the number of shares. 1440 engaged with followers, created far reaching contacts to create a Ferry network.

At the end of May 2017, it was nearly all systems go.

But it still wasn't...

Plain Sailing

The maiden voyage was to be the start of
June 2017.

The Ferry had been painted in the Scenic Carlingford Ferry brand and sailed from its home in Waterford.

Experienced and qualified Captains and Crew were in place.

Tickets had been sold, sea trials were underway and uniforms were arriving.... but a week before launch, thanks to the wrong navigational light being delivered, a series of delays began to accumulate.

It wasn’t just any ordinary navigational light.

The MSO and MCA needed to certify that specific Ferry, on that specific stretch of water and unless every single element was in place, they simply couldn’t conduct the necessary final approvals.

All Hands on Deck!


Frazer Ferries Group battled through this final hurdle and 1440 stood beside them, consistently engaging customers and audiences, who in turn remained faithful and supportive.

1440 did more than just write press releases, and statements.

More than find an eloquent way to react to media enquiries.

1440 was proactive in creating an ongoing update for media and online followers.

Contrary to the ideal situation of celebrating construction milestones, Ferry and Crew preparations – 1440 provided all the necessary communications for Frazer Ferries, dealing with challenging circumstances and creating positive engagement with audiences.

All dragons slain, and even with a storm the night before sailing, the date and time of the maiden voyage was confirmed. At 12pm on Friday 21st July, the Scenic Carlingford Ferry made its first commercial crossing from Greencastle to Greenore.

It was exciting but it was also a windy, overcast, dull grey day with a high swell.... the continuous queue of passengers on both sides of the Lough didn’t mind losing some of the amazing view. After all, they were the first to experience the crossing, but 1440 had outsmarted mothernature when it came to capturing the best photos and TV news coverage.

Two days earlier, 1440 invited and managed the maiden media voyage of the Scenic Carlingford Ferry. BBC and RTE camera crews, press journalists, photographers and online outlets secured stunning images of the Ferry crossing and docking. With no paying customers on board, the Ferry Captain was able to make multiple trips and Manoeuvre the Ferry into desired camera angles. Forsight and media experience, enabled 1440 to show the Ferry launch in its best possible light.

Happy Ever After...

July 2017, the new Scenic Carlingford Ferry took its maiden voyage from Greencastle in Co Down to Greenore in Co Louth.

The Ferry set sail in July 2017 with...

The Scenic Carlingford Ferry left port with excited queuing customers on both sides of the Lough.

In the summer of 17,
Northern Ireland's newest visitor attraction left others in its wake...

The Next Chapter...

1440 proposed that the new ferry on Carlingford Lough would be a brand which in time could also be adopted by the other ferry services.

The Scenic Lough Foyle Ferry is now rebranded, as enjoyed by the Ulster Rugby Team!
The brand will be further taken onboard across the group next season.

The new Scenic Carlingford Ferry provides the perfect canvas of scenery, nature and skyline to escape from everyday life.

1440 provided the perfect marketing strategy to ensure a...

Valuable return on investment

to Frazer Ferries Group.